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East Europe cycling tour 2015

On my cycling tour trough East Europe I passed 11 countries. I started beginning of June in Athen and ended in Tallinn three month later. I had no exact route, I just wanted to explore and be as open to the people as possible. I just knew I would visit my friends in Sofia, Warsaw and Tallinn.
Suburbs of Lviv, Ukrania
Sofia, Bulgaria
Petrol Station, Bebrene, Lithuania
Lviv, Ukrainia
Valentina, museum attendant, Lviv, Ukrainia
Valentina, museum attendant, Lviv, Ukrainia
Svoboda, Sofia, Bulgaria
Sylvek & Monster, Warsaw, Poland
Anton, Sofia, Bulgaria
A waiter at the beach of Katerini, Greece
A welder in his workshop, Sofia, Bulgaria
Milos Gaj, Dunav, Serbia
Lviv, Ukrainia
Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia, Bulgaria
5D Shark, Greece
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Friends, Sofia, Bulgaria
Riga, Latvia
Lunch at Lagos, Greece
Fisherman, Lagos, Greece
Daugavpils, Latvia
Market moman selling second hand things, Belgrade, Serbia
Market moman selling berries, Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia
Lviv, Ukrainia
Sofia, Bulgaria
Sophisticated speed control, Poland
Grill near the Ukrainian border, Poland
Restaurant attraction, Greece
Vabole, Latvia
Superman, Greece
Illusion, Khalkida, Greece
Putin, Belgrade, Serbia
Add for a money museum, Poland
Gambling Room, Poland
Nato attack, Belgrade, Serbia
Empty house, Poland
"The rain has stopped" Claudio & Monika, Bebrene, Lithuania
Demens Ezers, Lithuania
Demens Ezers, Lithuania